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Black tea is enjoyed across the world. Taken with milk, or enjoyed straight, black teas flavour profile ranges from cocoa, malt, and fudge to dried fruits and smoke. Akin to walking across the production floor of an old chocolate factory.

10 Year Pu-erh - The Teaguy

10 Year Pu-erh

Pu-erh tea is an aged, fermented, bacteria laden, musky delight.  Doesn't sound too appetizing eh?  Well, the bacteria is actually very beneficial...

17.00 / 100g

Canadian Maple - The Teaguy

Canadian Maple

Very few maple teas, as far as we can tell, have achieved the transference of maple's buttery lushness into your cup. Real...

17.00 / 100g

Candied Almond - The Teaguy

Candied Almond

Every now and then a scented black tea comes along that hits the nail on the head when it comes to tasting similar...

15.00 / 100g

Cream Earl Grey - The Teaguy

Cream Earl Grey

There are a multitude of cream earls available, each heralding something different.  Our cream earl grey is indeed one of the most...

17.00 / 100g

Creamy Vanilla Black - NEW! - The Teaguy

Creamy Vanilla Black - NEW!

Smooth & malty Assam and Kenyan teas mesh well with a creamy vanilla flavour profile.  This tea is smooth, silky and great...

17.00 / 100g

Kenya Kangaita Estate - The Teaguy

Kenya Kangaita Estate

Carefully cupped and chosen in the Factory, this tea was made the day we bought it. Loading 200 kg of fresh out-of-the-oven...

14.00 / 100g

London Fog Latte Blend - The Teaguy

London Fog Latte Blend

At The Teaguy, we figured there was a better way to make a london fog. Rather then using a store bought teabag,...

17.00 / 100g

Organic Assam Hathikuli Estate - The Teaguy

Organic Assam Hathikuli Estate

In the northeastern state of Assam in India, along the Brahmaputra River grow the hearty, malty Assam teas. The heavy rainfall and...

15.00 / 100g

Organic Canadian Breakfast - The Teaguy

Organic Canadian Breakfast

One of the most popular teas in North America outside of classic earl grey is English Breakfast. I am not from England -...

15.00 / 100g

Organic Darjeeling Okayti Estate - The Teaguy

Organic Darjeeling Okayti Estate

Finding a Darjeeling with that smooth muscatel note is becoming increasingly difficult.  The region has been experiencing wetter than normal weather for...

22.00 / 100g

Organic Darjeeling Sourenee Estate - The Teaguy

Organic Darjeeling Sourenee Estate

Sourenee Tea Estate, in West Bengal, India has been in operation producing highest-quality Darjeeling tea for more than 100 years.  This certified...

29.00 / 100g

Organic Earl Grey Select - The Teaguy

Organic Earl Grey Select

For those wonderful folk out there who have a penchant for smooth, black, robust tea, sprinkled with Italian bergamot, then our version...

17.00 / 100g

Organic Irish Breakfast Deluxe - The Teaguy

Organic Irish Breakfast Deluxe

Notoriously stronger and louder then it’s English cousin (and now its Canadian relative), they say great Irish blends are so strong the spoon will...

17.00 / 100g

Organic Lavender Earl Grey - The Teaguy

Organic Lavender Earl Grey

Organic cold pressed bergamot oil and fragrant organic lavender blossoms mingle in this blend of single estate black teas. Choosing lavender to...

17.00 / 100g

Organic Wuyuan Imperial Keemun - The Teaguy

Organic Wuyuan Imperial Keemun

Black Keemun, known as "red tea" in China, first came into vogue in the late 19th century.  Keemun is produced exclusively in...

17.00 / 100 g

Tarry Lapsang - wood smoked - The Teaguy

Tarry Lapsang - wood smoked

Using larger leaves than orange pekoe, this china black tea has been tenderly smoked with pine wood to enhance the flavor. The...

15.00 / 100 g

Teaguy Masala Chai - The Teaguy

Teaguy Masala Chai

Masala Chai - the aromatic tea drink whose roots can be found throughout India, Pakistan and all the way down the Himalaya....

17.00 / 100g

Tipus Chai Latte

Tipus Chai Latte

When Chai powders disappeared in the early 2000’s and concentrates become the defacto way to create great chai lattes in a flash,...

75.00 / 1 lb