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Predominately made in Japan and China, green teas refresh with summer cut grass, dried herbs, and brothy marine notes. Its like oceanic salt water on a crisp spring morning lapping against the hull of newly christened schooner.

Tea By Ingredient

Fukamushi Pear - The Teaguy

Fukamushi Pear

Rich and vibrant deep steamed Japanese green tea carefully processed, preserving the leaf integrity. This ultimately means less of the undesirables in the...

21.00 / 100g

Genmai Cha with Maccha - The Teaguy

Genmai Cha with Maccha

When you take our premium grade genmai and blend with generous amounts of ceremonial grade maccha, you are bound to end up...

22.00 / 100 g

Organic China Gunpowder - The Teaguy

Organic China Gunpowder

We have always had a love/hate relationship with gunpowder green tea. Most emit a harshness that we have always found unpleasant on...

15.00 / 100g

Organic China Mao Jian - The Teaguy

Organic China Mao Jian

Organic China Mao Jian is one of the China ten famous teas, a renowned specialty of Henan Province. This tea is world-famous...

18.50 / 100g

Organic Genmai Cha Supreme - The Teaguy

Organic Genmai Cha Supreme

It took us almost a year to find a genmaicha that was supremely exceptional and well above what is currently being sold...

22.00 / 100g

Organic Midnight Jasmine - The Teaguy

Organic Midnight Jasmine

A classic and smooth China eyebrow tea in a pure organic form. The fresh scent of jasmine does not overwhelm the tea...

18.50 / 100g

Organic Mystique - The Teaguy

Organic Mystique

Designed for iced tea, but also great hot as well. Classic and smooth China green tea, organically cultivated.  The fresh scent of elderberries,...

15.00 / 100g

Organic Peach Iced - The Teaguy

Organic Peach Iced

Who amongst us does not salivate over the thought of a ripe summer peach…? Take that luscious peach and add a few other mouthwatering tropical...

15.00 / 100g

Organic Sunset Sen Cha - The Teaguy

Organic Sunset Sen Cha

An earthier sencha than our superior grade, but less expensive and also not as delicate. The citrus extracts and tropical notes make...

17.00 / 100g