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Oolong. The teas in this category have inspired kingdoms to wage war, red robes to be given as presents, and scrappy tea bushes to cling to cliffs for a millennia. The beauty that is distilled in a cup of Oolong tea is the stuff of emperors and world builders, which means that it’s the perfect tea for you.

Tea By Ingredient

Anxi Ti Kuan Yin (Iron Goddess) - The Teaguy

Anxi Ti Kuan Yin (Iron Goddess)

One of China’s top 3 teas and one of the few oolongs that is recognizable all over the world. Its pseudonym, Iron...

15.00 / 100 g

Organic Active Blend - The Teaguy

Organic Active Blend

Organically grown Chinese oolong and Argentinean yerba mate are the base for this incredibly popular tea/tisane. Two flavor profiles yield two separate...

18.50 / 100g

Organic Se Chung Plum Oolong - The Teaguy

Organic Se Chung Plum Oolong

A somewhat undervalued tea from China’s Fujian Province, which is known locally as Hairy Crab tea. These large, semi-oxidized leaves have a...

17.00 / 100g

Phoenix Mountain Oolong - The Teaguy

Phoenix Mountain Oolong

An absolutely unique tea drinking experience. One would think these perfectly twisted semi-fermented leaves were scented with something, perhaps a basket of...

38.00 / 100g