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PerfectCup Teabags

It's time the teabag got a facelift. Our PerfectCup teabags are perfectly proportioned with freshly blended, full leaf tea to make you fall in love with the ease and simplicity of a teabag again. Our teabags have more room for the leaves to move to make sure your tea leaves can expand to give the fullest infusion.


Tea By Ingredient

TEABAGS - Bourbon Vanilla Rooibos - The Teaguy

TEABAGS - Bourbon Vanilla Rooibos

Chock full of chopped Madagascar vanilla beans and natural vanilla extract, this café standard raises the bar on how good vanilla rooibos...

10.99 / 12 Teabags

TEABAGS - Chai Rooibos - The Teaguy

TEABAGS - Chai Rooibos

Trying to create a darn good caffeine free chai is nebulous at best. With limited options in the world of robust herbal...

10.99 / 12 Teabags

TEABAGS - Cream Earl Grey - The Teaguy

TEABAGS - Cream Earl Grey

Arguably, this is the most loved tea in North America. Cream Earl grey is simply a phenomenon. There are a plethora of...

10.99 / 12 Teabags

TEABAGS - Crimson Berry - The Teaguy

TEABAGS - Crimson Berry

Gather a bunch of dried organic berries, red currents, rose hips, rose petals, hibiscus and some berry extract, steep it with boiling...

10.99 / 12 Teabags

TEABAGS - Earl Grey Select - The Teaguy

TEABAGS - Earl Grey Select

There are some earl grey’s that leave the palate with a sharp bite and a perfumey aftertaste, while just a select few...

10.99 / 12 Teabags

TEABAGS - German Peppermint - The Teaguy

TEABAGS - German Peppermint

German cut leaf peppermint exudes a clean fresh mint fragrance, with nothing 'muddy" clouding the bright cup. The oil content in these...

10.99 / 12 Teabags

TEABAGS - Ginger Fresh, Ayurvedic - The Teaguy

TEABAGS - Ginger Fresh, Ayurvedic

Ginger zest bursts through lemongrass essence and combined with the sweet liquorice root, the smoothness of this caffeine free infusion is exemplary. ...

10.99 / 12 Teabags

TEABAGS - Irish Breakfast - The Teaguy

TEABAGS - Irish Breakfast

Notoriously stronger and louder then it’s English cousin (and now its Canadian relative), they say great Irish blends are so strong the spoon will...

10.99 / 12 Teabags

TEABAGS - London Fog latte Blend

TEABAGS - London Fog latte Blend

At The Teaguy, we figured there was a better way to make a london fog. Rather then using a store bought teabag,...

10.99 / 12 tea bags

TEABAGS - Masala Chai - The Teaguy

TEABAGS - Masala Chai

After years of trying hundreds of variations on classic masala chai, the teaguy has finally created one that rivals a past creation...

10.99 / 12 Teabags

TEABAGS - Midnight Jasmine - The Teaguy

TEABAGS - Midnight Jasmine

A classic and smooth China eyebrow tea in a pure organic form. The fresh scent of jasmine does not overwhelm the tea...

10.99 / 12 Teabags

TEABAGS - Sunset Sencha - The Teaguy

TEABAGS - Sunset Sencha

An earthier organic China grown sencha then our Japanese superior grade, but less expensive and also not near as refined. It is...

10.99 / 12 Teabags