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Simple but robust, red bush tea from Africa belies it’s rich heritage, and equally lively liqueur. Rooibos surprises with stewed fruit, wet lumber, and a soothing smoothness that makes it a dream to blend with.

Organic Blood Orange Rooibos - NEW! - The Teaguy

Organic Blood Orange Rooibos - NEW!

This is a great flavour combination. Blood oranges and fresh organic rooibos combine to form a sweet smooth and citrusy caffeine free...

17.00 / 100g

Organic Cedarberg Rooibos - The Teaguy

Organic Cedarberg Rooibos

Organic rooibos dried and cut into tiny pieces enhances the intensity and flavor profile of one of South Africa’s most consumed beverages....

14.00 / 100g

Organic Fruity Green - The Teaguy

Organic Fruity Green

A fresh and fruity blend of organic green rooibos, chunks of dried apple, dried mango and fruit extract.  Smooth, fresh and sweet on...

17.00 / 100g

Organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla - The Teaguy

Organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla

  Not all vanilla extracts are created equally, nor taste the same.  Our chief tea sommelier spent a great deal of time,...

17.00 / 100g

Organic Rooibos Chai - The Teaguy

Organic Rooibos Chai

Trying to create a darn good caffeine free chai is nebulous at best. With limited options in the world of robust herbal...

15.00 / 100g

Pacific Sunset - The Teaguy

Pacific Sunset

This infusion is unique in that it combines citrus, spices and stone fruits (cherries, peaches etc...) with the natural honeyed tones of Organic...

15.00 / 100 g