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From the great Gaiwan, to the brand new Puddifoot we have teaware that spans the ages; or at least the 3 minutes it takes to steep a proper cup of tea.

3 Tier Tin Set - The Teaguy

3 Tier Tin Set

Brushed aluminum locking tea tin set.  Keep your top 3 teas in one compact and space saving canister.   Will keep tea...


Artisan Naoshi - The Teaguy

Artisan Naoshi

When I think of something as 'stout & burly' I tend to think of those cantankerous dwarfs from the Lord of the Rings....


Fine mesh infuser basket - The Teaguy

Fine Mesh infuser Basket

A classic from Finum, fits deep mugs and most teapots.  Comes with a lid which doubles as a drip tray.


HARIO LARGO Tea Dripper - The Teaguy


Finally!  A heat tempered glass tea infuser that uses the same principal as the BREWT.  The upper glass chamber holds enough for...


Insight tea caddy - The Teaguy

Insight Tea Caddy

An attractive tea tin with a fitted lid, solid stainless steel, acrylic window in the lid  - a great help if you...


Loose tea filter bags - unbleached - The Teaguy

Loose tea filter bags - unbleached

Open ended loose tea pouches for making your own tea bags.  Stuff a few tsp of tea into these and they are...


Maccha bowl (Chawan) - The Teaguy

Maccha bowl (Chawan)

Authentic Japanese fired clay drinking Matcha bowl.  This bowl has a flat bottom and steep sides, which means whisking matcha into fine...

27.99 / Black

Maccha Stand (Naoshi) - The Teaguy

Maccha Stand (Naoshi)

A curious little piece of ceramic which doubles as a holder and drier for your chasen.  The egg drop shape ensures that...


Maccha Whisk (Chasen) - The Teaguy

Maccha Whisk (Chasen)

Our Japanese bamboo whisk with 80 count tines is durable for the beginner yet, with the right hand motion, will whip up...


Nagoya chawan - The Teaguy

Nagoya chawan

Beautifully crafted Japanese maccha bowl with a faux wood look,  Super smooth interior to go easy on your chasen tines.


Sommelier Teaspoon - The Teaguy

Sommelier Teaspoon

Imported from Germany, these solid, nicely weighted stainless slurping spoons have a deep bowl and are made of one piece of steel....


Stump Teapot - The Teaguy

Stump Teapot

Solid and stout ceramic teapot with a bomb-proof finish.  Pours excellent and holds 18oz.  The stump has become a food service industry...


Tea tasters cupping set - The Teaguy

Tea Tasters Cupping Set

The international standard bowl & steeping cup.  This version has teeth in the brew pot and not the dreaded notch - which...


The Puddifoot - Tea Pot - The Teaguy

The Puddifoot - Tea Pot

A beautiful, sturdy & thick walled stainless steel tea pot. Holds about 18 oz and comes with its own mesh infuser basket.  After...


Wave chawan - The Teaguy

Wave chawan

Purchasing ceramic ware, without so much as a touch or sip from the vessel can lead to some disappointing unpacking moments. When...