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Our Promise

Due to supply and demand issues faced by the specialty tea industry and the increasing difficulty in procuring fresh, organic teas we have realized that this cost creep has not been reflected in our tea prices. So, as a result we have raised the prices on some of our teas to maintain a viable margin and keep supplying the quality of tea you have come to love and enjoy.

At the same time we understand that inflation is affecting everyone. In order to make this increase less painful to our valued customers we have dropped the minimum order for free shipping from $75 to $50 in Canada and have added free shipping for orders over $75 in the USA.

This increase will allow us to continue to source the absolute best teas and ingredients possible to ensure the quality of our teas will never diminish.


Our passion for tea seems to have no limits. We spend the bulk of our days learning, searching, sipping, and contemplating the wide world of tea. It is only because we have such a love of the leaf that you will find us offering up the best we can source and create to those who choose to indulge their palates.

To us, tea is the most flexible of beverages, and offers an endless opportunity to experiment and experience. Whether we blend it with french lavender and crisp bergamot for an unforgettable Earl Grey, or sneak sips of our eternally cooling Silver Needle under these starry west coast skies, tea provides both complexity and simplicity when one needs it most.

Ideally, if this were the perfect world, we would love to have a cup of tea with every last one of you before you make a purchase from us.  This being the infinite world of cyberspace though, that is perhaps asking just a tad too much.




We are lifelong tea drinkers and artisanal blenders

Weʼve been around for a while, and although we have ditched the bucket hats and exceedingly comfortable waistcoats (we save those for special occasions), our palates have been training for a long, long time. As so accurately depicted, we revel in tasting, sourcing, and enjoying fine teas, and have a proven track record with our many clients.

Now, between sips of our Phoenix Mountain oolong, we help businesses of all shapes and sizes incorporate fine tea into their operations. Fine tea that quenches your customers insatiable and growing demand for premium organic tea. Fine tea that hails from the rolling hills of Kenya where Brendan scrawled basic tea manufacturing guidelines on a dusty black chalkboard. Meticulously blended single estate assam and bergamot that makes an Earl Grey worthy of the finest china, even though we would rather sip it in our ever present, albeit off-white, cupping sets.

About Brendan Waye

Our chief Tea Sommelier™ and Certified Tea Specialist™, Brendan has been steeped in the tea industry for the past 19 years. From founding Canada’s first teahouse chain Steeps Tea, to smuggling a traditional Chai recipe back from the famed mountains of the Karakoram (kind thanks to Sherpa Cook Rosie-Ali) that eventually became the ubiquitous ‘The Chai Company’, we truly have been around the tea garden and back.

Through his tea-dedicated palate, Brendan revels in masterfully blending teas that raise the bar on quality. Having cupped literally thousands of variations of the Camellia Sinensis bush, you can rest assured that if it pleases the palate of Brendan, you will be purchasing a tea of supreme quality.
Being a passionate foodie at heart, there is no stone that will be left unturned to source, create and blend the cleanest, freshest and most fragrant teas you will ever have the pleasure of sipping.
We encourage you to jump in and begin your marvelous tea journey with us.

Favorite Tea: Phoenix Mountain Oolong