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Loose Leaf Tea training that enlivens staff and grows your business

The popularity of loose tea is growing in North America, with an expected growth of %40 by 2020*. With the rise of tea chains like DAVIDsTEA and Teavana, and access to products like our perfect teabags, your customers know what good tea is and isn’t. Often, cafes that take the respected and required step towards serving loose leaf tea often still have trouble actually serving it. We all know that quality is the most important ingredient for growing your business, but quality quickly loses value if it isn’t prepared properly. Your baristas are all highly trained, why not take the extra step and get them proficient with your tea selection?


Through a hands-on training lab and tasting, your baristas will learn how to serve an aromatic and rich cup of loose tea that blows your customers away. With our eye-opening and focused cupping, your baristas will experience the different categories of tea that will excite them about this age old beverage. Held at your cafe for an unlimited amount of staff, this training session will make your baristas familiar with your locations unique layout. This increases efficiency and ensures that the tea preparation system is smooth and headache-free. They will come away with enough knowledge and know-how to creatively market your tea selection, which means easier upselling and higher revenues for you.

Although there are ancient and mysterious ways to brew loose tea, in the modern tea service your staff need to be knowledgeable, engaged, and confident for you to maintain your competitive edge and grow your sales. Give us a ring and lets get your staff excited about tea.

* Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Food Trends to 2020