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Recommended Tea Types: All Tea Categories

The latest and greatest in tea steeping technology, these handy little devices have revolutionized loose tea drinking for the masses. The rest of us borderline tea addicts (yes, this means you) can smile and nod wisely as our friends and families finally realize and unlock the rich treasure we call real tea.

Follow below for the 3 simple steps to enjoy loose tea quickly, easily, and pain-free.

Step 1

Most devices equipped with a bottom dispensing plate are between 16 and 18 oz. Our BPA free version has graduated markings along the outside, easily allowing you to get the perfectly proportioned cup everytime. Ensure the filter is properly seated in the bottom of the Brewt to avoid leakage. For an 18oz cup, we recommend using 2 tsps (4-5g) of green or black tea, and 3-4 tsps (5g) for herbal and Rooibos. Using the correct proportions of tea is the first step for enjoying excellent loose leaf.

Step 2

Fill the Brewt to the 18oz volume marking with the correct temperature of water. Set the timer and walk away.

Step 3

Once the tea is finished brewing, gently place the entire Brewt on top of your favorite mug. The rim of the mug will activate the dispensing plate, allowing the tea liquor to pour into the cup while filtering the leaves. Keep the leaves in the Brewt to allow for multiple steepings, which is especially recommended for our Oolongs and Puerh teas.