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10 Year Pu-erh

17.00 per 100 grams


  • straight-tea

Pu-erh tea is an aged, fermented, bacteria laden, musky delight.  Doesn't sound too appetizing eh?  Well, the bacteria is actually very beneficial to the body, the taste is earthy and nutty and the caffeine is lower than typical black tea.  The older and longer the puerh tea cakes have been aging (in the right conditions of course), the better the tea tastes and the higher value it commands.  Puerh is purported to be one of the best natural cholesterol fighters on the market. This milder classic fermented tea is great for new pu-erh drinkers because it lacks a lot of the heavy mustiness that is characteristic of some of the longer aged and more fermented cakes.

Give the leaves a 15 second bath in about 2 ounces of hot water
and then re-steep the leaves for the full 5 minutes.
Smooth, complex and earthy.


  • Teaspoon: 2 level
  • Device: French press, brewt, mesh basket, cup infuser
  • Water: 12 oz, less then 195ºF / 90º c
  • Timer: 3-5 minutes
  • Nuances: White/Cremini mushroom, earth and loam
  • Storage: Sealed light proof jar/tin in cool cupboard. keep away from heat & light source.
10 Year Pu-erh - The Teaguy


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